Govt debt payments hit P42.8B in March




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This past year, the authorities plotted P775.589 billion to creditors, also a 13.9-percent rise from the P680.466 billion enrolled in 20 17.
The article Govt debt obligations struck P42.8B March appeared initially on The Manila Times on the web .

Government debt obligations rose in March as high interest payments cancel a decline in amortization, data from the Bureau of the Treasury (BTr) showed.


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Amortization expenses grew by 11.2 percentage to P112.409 billion, while interest rates rose by 10.9 percentage to P107.77 billion.
Interest rates, which accounted for 85.3 per cent of this overall, increased by 32.6 per cent to p 36.552 billion in P-27.549 billion per year past. Federal interest payments jumped into P26.915 billion, while foreign figures climbed to p 9.637 billion.
Amortization costs dropped by 1.6 percentage to p 6.249 billion. Domestic amortization dropped by 26 percentage to P344 million, whereas foreign exchange payments grew up by 0.22 percentage to p 5.905 billion.

Year so far, government debt payments climbed by 11 percentage to P-220.179 billion in P198.2 billion a year earlier in the day.
An overall complete of P42.801 billion has been paid to creditors through the entire month, up 26.2% by the P33.906 billion recorded a year earlier in the day.

The Bureau of Treasury at Intramuros, Manila.
The federal government’s outstanding debt dropped at p 7.802 trillion in March P350 billion by a month past as foreign and local borrowings increased.

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